veron“It was a Taoist ‘master’ who told me to return to Jesus. Life had been good after I ‘graduated’ from Confirmation. Happily, I declared myself a free thinker but also explored different religions. My beliefs? Do good, be kind, and don’t hurt anyone. I only approached that ‘master’ because of health concerns – who would expect he would ask me to go back to Church! After all this time getting away, now I have to go back?
Shortly after, I chanced upon Landings. I went through it very reluctantly and then curiously realised the final Landings retreat took place at the same parish I had left behind when I left the Church. It’s providential. 

Part of my faith journey is my gramma’s passing. She was the one who taught me how to pray and made me very close to God when I was younger. She knew I had left the Church and she would say, “When it’s time to come back, you will come back”. A few months after I reconciled with the Church, my gramma passed away. Without that reconciliation, I would’nt have been able to participate so completely at her funeral. Now I know she’s in good hands… and I know that she knows I’m back. 

The thing is, I’ve come to understand my faith journey as a series of realisations. My biggest revelation: I’m just the same child of God I’ve always been.”

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