Faith Stories

“I remember having a terrifically carefree and liberating time studying in Virginia and then working in NYC. I was financially and socially independent, career driven and had a full social calendar. But whenever I was in my apartment, I felt empty. I remember that.”

“My relationship with God had always been purely transactional. I give my time in prayer and service; He returns blessings. That went on till I started working.”

“For the first part of my life, it was great. I had a close-knit community in USA – which I left behind when I left for college. Years passed I became a young atheist travelling around Asia, having the time of my life. Until my God moment”

“I never left the Church because I never really entered it. Getting baptized at 22 made no difference to my life at all. I was busy travelling, going on exchange programmes and starting work. I had left my home in Vietnam when I was 14, had no real concept of love, and no need of God. My life was crisis-free, carefree and good.”

“For 45 years, I never went to Church and I was scared when I first came to Landings. The people at Landings encouraged me: “Take baby steps, one at a time.” You know what else they did for me? They offered to pick me up and go to Mass together.”

“My relationship with Landings was once rather ‘on-off’. I first left when I felt I couldn’t be a blessing to someone I was journeying with, and that broke me. Then I left again when I got retrenched and needed to devote myself to job-seeking.”

“Honestly, although I’ve always been in some community or ministry all my life, I never thought there would ever be one that would bring me closer to God. But Landings changed my mind.”

“It was a Taoist ‘master’ who told me to return to Jesus. Life had been good after I ‘graduated’ from Confirmation. Happily, I declared myself a free thinker but also explored different religions. My beliefs?”

“I was in a youth group once, a really nice one I enjoyed serving at. But we didn’t have a common mission. After that, I decided community is for those who need something to anchor their faith on – me, I’m already grounded in God. Then my girlfriend and I broke up, and the community I ‘didn’t need’, was what sustained me in my despair.”

“When I finally let God go, it was liberating. I didn’t have to answer to anyone and kept no commandments but mine. For 20 years, nothing changed until this Lent “