adamFor 45 years, I never went to Church and I was scared when I first came to Landings. The people at Landings encouraged me: “Take baby steps, one at a time.” You know what else they did for me? They offered to pick me up and go to Mass together. I live in Woodlands… these Holy Spirit parishioners stayed at Upper Thomson Road. And I had met them only when I came to Landings in 2013, after a series of unexplained seizures that led me to have a vision of Jesus showing me His wounds on His palms. I stay behind Church of St. Anthony and just then, the church bells rang, like Jesus was asking me, “I am here. Why are you not?” That did it – I wanted to go back to Church.

My life has completely changed with Landings. I stopped thinking only of myself and I stopped worrying about tomorrow because, well, God is here. I am at peace now – I’ve received the forgiveness I yearned for, and my soul can go to heaven. All I want is to give back what I ‘owe’ to Church and community for returning me my faith and life. How? By serving in this ministry in ways that I can. Or to do gardening, maintenance and that sort of thing when I eventually retire!

I honestly feel ‘away’ Catholics should explore coming to Landings to fully understand that faith and life journeys should not be made alone. It was just never meant to be that way.

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