“I want to go back to church, but I am afraid… it has been so long.”
“I am not sure what I believe… will I be judged?”
“I am not a perfect Catholic, am I good enough for others to accept me?”

Offering returning Catholics a safe space to land.

At Landings, we form small groups who meet for two-hour sessions for 10 weeks. Here is where we share and reflect on our faith that centers on Jesus and our Church teachings. Personal sharing is encouraged but not enforced.

On Listening:

Each group listens respectfully and without judgement to one another’s faith story, viewing the gift of each story as a privilege and as something uniquely personal and sacred. Listeners are bound by strict confidentiality to promote sharing.


Landings knows not to ‘fix’ problems. Those with particular problems are invited to consult with specialised professionals – counsellors, priests, religious – who can help with specific needs.

At the End:

The 10-week sessions end with a retreat, followed by a celebration of Mass.

Know that at every step of the way, it is Jesus who calls,
we who respond – to Him, to one another, to ourselves.