Reflections for a Troubled Age

A series of short visual meditations for these difficult times. There are 11 videos where we reflect on images with accompanying questions to spark and encourage your own thoughts.

God Moments in the Novena

To Jesus through Mary: An encounter of finding God moments and seeing present day miracles through the testimonies at Novena

An insured life

I was pregnant with my first child when I was 25 years old. My husband was 24 years old. We were living in a rented place, sharing a flat with another 4 friends. The first thing we decided to do after we found out that we were pregnant was to buy two life insurance policies (Continue reading “An insured life”

No Crisis, No Need for God

No crisis, no need for God. Sometimes we may be misled to think that.Indeed we are fortunate when we are able to love through our lives without huge crises and drama. We are quick to credit our smooth and at times even, very successful lives to our own ability and talent.And then, what’s next?In Matthew 16:26,Continue reading “No Crisis, No Need for God”