marie“Honestly, although I’ve always been in some community or ministry all my life, I never thought there would ever be one that would bring me closer to God. But Landings changed my mind.
For one, it reminded me of how I’ve always believed we are all born for a purpose to do what God wants of us but because of how we go our own way, we’ve caused a gap between what we do and what God wants us to do.
Once, career was my top priority but now, I’m not defined by that alone anymore. Maybe because I really don’t wish to live my life by “default” but to find out my true purpose in life and to fulfil that mission.

I’ve been in the Landings music ministry for almost three years. Praise and worship is something I appreciate because that’s how I connect with God. I get very soaked into the lyrics and feel very carefree just immersing in praise. Really, beside the community, it might have been music that kept me in Landings all this time. 

Whatever it is, I really admire the faith that people have – to be able to come back to the Church. When you lose something so dear and find it again, you cherish that. Be it through music, community, or something else that you will find.”

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