Landings Experience

What is Landings?

Landings is a reconciliation ministry based on compassionate listening. At Landings, we welcome returning Catholics back to the Church. We also welcome Catholics who struggle in their relationship with God and the Church.  We provide safe spaces where, in small groups, participants share their faith stories and explore Catholic themes confidentially and without judgement.

The Landings programme started in 1989 in the USA and has been in Singapore since 2008.

What to expect at Landings?

A typical Landings programme takes place over 10-weeks with weekly sessions that each last around two hours. Each session covers the following elements:

  • Check-in time and opening prayer
  • Faith story-telling
  • Response to story
  • Fellowship
  • Reflection on Catholic themes (the themes centre around our relationship with God as well as the Sacraments)
  • Closing Prayer

A weekend retreat takes place towards the end of the programme.

What’s next after Landings?             

After completing a 10-week programme, we enter into ‘community mode’. The desire of the community is to continue in the life-long journey to build personal, intimate encounters with Jesus – united in the mission to welcome returning sisters and brothers.

Where is Landings held?

Landings is available in Singapore at the Church of the Holy Spirit (at Upper Thomson), Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour (at Siglap Hill), Church of St Ignatius (at Kings Road), Our Lady Queen of Peace (at Sandy Lane) and the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd (at Queens Street).

When are Landings programmes held?

We plan to have three 10-week programmes spread over the course of a year in order to have the programme more accessible. 

In-person Landings programmes are currently suspended given the on-going Covid-19 situation. However, virtual Landings programmes are available. Do let us know if you are keen to know when the programme will be available and at which church you would likely join the programme.

How can I start Landings in my parish?

Each parish’s Landings journey is unique.The disposition and motivations of each parish at the start of its Landings journey is unique – as is its available resources.Recognising each parish’s uniqueness, Landings Singapore strives to customise the setting-up of a Landings ministry at parishes.If your parish is interested to set-up a Landings ministry, we invite you to email You can expect to then be requested to have a meeting. At the meeting, we will listen.After all, we are a ministry of compassionate listening. Having listened to your parish’s disposition and motivations to set-up a Landings ministry, as well as the resources it has available, we will then work with your parish to customise a plan.In all likelihood, the plan would involve first experiencing Landings first-hand. We look forward to hearing from you!

How can I help someone I know come back to Church?

Contact us and we will do the rest! Apart from that, your prayers are important too! At Landings, we ask for the intercessions of Saint Monica for the mission of reaching to our away sisters and brothers. 

St Monica,
Exemplary Mother of the great Augustine,
You pursued your wayward son with prayerful cries to heaven;
his saintly conversion is the fruit of your tears.
Inspired by your persistence and profound faith,
may my life become a testimony for Christ
to welcome back those who have wandered away from God.
Intercede for me here at Landings
as I ask you to pray us always-returning Catholics
(pause to recall names here)
Grant me the same fortitude, patience and trust in the Lord that you possess in journeying with them,
and obtain for me as perfect a conversion as you were able to obtain for your son.
In all that I say and do, may I always be guided by the power of the Holy Spirit.