leonard“My relationship with God had always been purely transactional. I give my time in prayer and service; He returns blessings. That went on till I started working. If my faith life mattered little before, it altogether disappeared when chasing my career became my only priority, above my family and kids. Everything else in my life became less purposeful; I was simply chasing the next high.

Then one day, a dear friend passed away. The transactional God I knew didn’t reward her fidelity; instead, He had robbed her of her life. I felt a tremendous sorrow… And I started searching. That was how I ended up at Landings. I was doubtful at first – I thought it was too good to be true, and also, what’s the big deal? I didn’t consider myself a returning Catholic, especially since I hadn’t missed any Mass through the years! Seven years later, I’m still here, having worked through anger issues I didn’t know I had, and got the healing I didn’t know I needed. 

God intervened when my life was most messed up. Or He may have heard that cry for help in my heart. Either way, there are no coincidences in our faith.”

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