cheryl“I remember having a terrifically carefree and liberating time studying in Virginia and then working in NYC. I was financially and socially independent, career driven and had a full social calendar. But whenever I was in my apartment, I felt empty. I remember that.
Then abruptly, I had to return to Singapore because Dad got sick. I met my husband then. He had a great interest in the Catholic Church, and his interest ignited mine. Dad, my husband and I went through RCIA and became Catholics. That was when I first experienced community love… 

After baptism, I got married and soon moved away from our parish. By the time Landings came around, I was a mother to two young children (I have four now), away from a community that had nourished me, all consumed as a new parent and juggling with work and family life. I lost focus of God and my spiritual life suffered. I never left the Church, but my relationship with God was failing.

We came to Landings the moment we could. I just wanted to be a part of the community; if serving kept me close to God, then I knew it was the right thing to do. I wanted it for myself – to be close to God. I just felt like if I did not come for Landings, I would drift away. And Landings has sustained me since.”

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