frances“I never left the Church because I never really entered it. Getting baptized at 22 made no difference to my life at all. I was busy travelling, going on exchange programmes and starting work. I had left my home in Vietnam when I was 14, had no real concept of love, and no need of God. My life was crisis-free, carefree and good.

I truly only got converted on my wedding day when I was looking at the crucifix in church while walking down the aisle. It was a short walk, but by the time I reached my husband, I was a different person. I knew I needed God.

I didn’t know that was a God moment until I was introduced to that concept at Landings. There were no big conversion experiences for me but listening to others’ struggles in life made me realise my own need for God, and to recognize my soul within.

When I had my first child Zachary, I struggled with being a mother, but it was parenthood that finally helped me understand unconditional love. 

I wish my life was forever a God encounter, but faith life will always be filled with ups and downs. I pray to always seek the next God moment, and to return to Him everyday.”

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