david“My relationship with Landings was once rather ‘on-off’. I first left when I felt I couldn’t be a blessing to someone I was journeying with, and that broke me. Then I left again when I got retrenched and needed to devote myself to job-seeking. Sadly, I had faced retrenchment twice but wonderfully, the second time it happened, I actively decided to stay with Landings, knowing God will provide. And He did, through the community. I had shared my job struggles with them; someone offered to help fix my resume, and that just turned things around.

Work takes so much out of everybody that it’s so easy to lose sight of God. The job situation stressed me out so much, especially since I feel a tremendous responsibility to provide for my three children. But I am now learning to allow God to chart my life course in my role as provider.

Each time I was away from Landings brought me such loneliness, I am now convinced community needs to exist in our lives to bring life. If I hadn’t returned to Landings, I would still be buried beneath my own despair. So yes, prayers work, and God works through us to be blessings for each other. This is the reconciliation I’ve found for my own role at Landings – to be a blessing.”

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