john“For the first part of my life, it was great. I had a close-knit community in USA – which I left behind when I left for college. Years passed I became a young atheist travelling around Asia, having the time of my life.
Until my God moment:

I had married Lisa, and we didn’t have a home because of my job travels. One night, we were watching a programme about Singapore and I was telling her about my time here. As we talked, I realised: my wife wasn’t happy with our nomadic lifestyle. In a weird panic, I uttered my first prayer in years, “Lord, help me make it back to Singapore.”

Shortly after, my phone rang one night – a friend wanted me for a job. There was only one problem, he said, “I need you to work in Singapore.”

Within a month, we were here and ready for church. Many obstacles later, we found Landings last year. Nobody welcomed me as a returning Catholic; but everybody welcomed me as a brother.
For the first time in 25 years, I found a community staring me right in the face.

Having Lisa and Olivia had rearranged my priorities – I now just want to make sure my family is secure… and that involves Catholicism.
I just haven’t felt this way since I was 15.”

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