A few talents, some outreach, and a big share of Grace.

Like a lot of others, I’ve felt a stirring to contribute in some way or other to Church and specifically, through the ministry I’m serving at now, especially since I completed a run through Landings just last year.

It’s actually pretty easy to be invested to help in all areas of Landings – there are always needs to be met – but just how do we discern what’s right for us and when to get off that fence?

For me, it started with thoughts of joining the music ministry. Every time I hear them play, I felt like I could and did want to be a part of them, as I did play regularly in a band a couple of years ago.

It wasn’t a professional band or anything like that – just a bunch of old friends who wanted some music magic to happen and got together to play mainly indie rock songs. We had scored a few gigs at pubs with open mics, so yes, we were fairly serious about our music.

Back to the music ministry at Landings: I figured they weren’t short of people since they seemed to have a full band – so I didn’t immediately put my hand up for it… until I casually mentioned my interest to one of the members and was invited to play. In the end, I took the plunge and have now been playing for some months.

At the same time, I felt I could help in the online media side of things, since I had been the webmaster for some other Church ministries before. Soon enough, I was doing that and writing articles to populate the Landings website with fresh content.

Now, I’ve ended up double- or triple-dipping into the grace of serving God through ministry.

So yes, it’s pretty easy to be sucked in to serve in different areas of Landings (or any ministry for that matter), especially when there are always needs to be met – from buying food, to setting up logistics to writing reflection sheets or planning retreats.

My approach for now at least is to balance the time for Landings and the time for being a father as I have a newborn in the family.

But in the end, I always try to discern whether a particular activity needs my attention more and whether it is God’s will for me to be involved.

Because I do feel that whenever He wills it to be done, He will make the time and space for me to be a part of it, even in simple things like turning up to play the guitar for Monday sessions. My work does involve some level of unpredictability and I never know if I can leave work on the dot, but so far, I’ve always made it out on the Mondays when I’m rostered to play.

If you find yourself sitting on the fence thinking about how you can do a little bit for God’s people and purpose – just as many others and I did – I encourage you to just raise a hand, type out a Whatsapp message and reach out.

Our talents may be limited but with everyone contributing a little bit here and there, we allow God to work through us. That itself, is a beautiful thing because we start to see how God is alive in our lives. And we’ll see that the ‘help’ we rendered really isn’t outward moving for others but at the end of the day, is really spiritual growth for ourselves.
You too could dip into grace by simply sharing this post that could possibly reach out to your Facebook friend who might just be searching for a way to walk closer to God right this moment. Be part of our mission to bring back ‘away’ Catholics by following us our Facebook Page: Landings – Singapore, on Instagram:@landings.sg or emailing us at returning@landings.org.sg. Every connection matters!

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