Who am I within the Nativity scene?

When reflecting on the Nativity scene, the writer comes to appreciate Advent and Christmas with a sense of spirituality.
Meditating on the role of the Magi, we learn not just generosity, but also charity. While Mary and Joseph reminds us of obedience, sacrifice and ultimately, love.

Going Places: How To Be a “Traveller for God”.

I’ve been trying to discern my Christian identity and identify a role for myself within my community since my return to the faith. I look up to a number of Saints – whose lives I find an accord with – to guide my daily life and I ask for their help to pray for me.Continue reading “Going Places: How To Be a “Traveller for God”.”

A few talents, some outreach, and a big share of Grace.

Like a lot of others, I’ve felt a stirring to contribute in some way or other to Church and specifically, through the ministry I’m serving at now, especially since I completed a run through Landings just last year. It’s actually pretty easy to be invested to help in all areas of Landings – there areContinue reading “A few talents, some outreach, and a big share of Grace.”

5 Insights From Conversations with God in the Adoration Room

Since Jesus is present in the Blessed Sacrament, then being in the Adoration room is probably the closest thing to be with Jesus – physically. It was this premise that took me around Adoration rooms across the island, seeking ideal places to encounter Him. Deep inside, I think I suspected it was not all about Jesus;Continue reading “5 Insights From Conversations with God in the Adoration Room”

Why My Guitar is (Almost) Perfect for Praise and Worship

The first song I played on my brand new Taylor was, “More Than Words”, the second, “Fallen Angel” and finally, “Mighty To Save”. So you can see the intended priorities I had for it. I picked up playing the guitar in my late teens, first by learning to play four chords C, Am, F, G7 onContinue reading “Why My Guitar is (Almost) Perfect for Praise and Worship”