The One Story to Rewrite Every Year

There’s one story I’ve been rewriting every year for a decade now. It’s a story where the facts don’t change, circumstances and characters remain the same, but the grand narrative takes on a different perspective every time. It’s the story of my life, and I invite you to begin yours too. Why invest all that time toContinue reading “The One Story to Rewrite Every Year”

I Dos and I Dids: A Better Response to Marriage Matters

Married life is anything but a breeze. Most days, it isn’t the “happily ever after” lived out but a negotiation between love felt, love shared and love expressed… or not at all on some days. Maybe this is why Marriage is a vocation and a sacrament, a daily exercise of choice to realize God. HereContinue reading “I Dos and I Dids: A Better Response to Marriage Matters”

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Landings

  Landings is not a ministry for “lapsed” Catholics. Surprise! By definition, “lapsed” in this situation refers to someone who is no longer following the rules and practices of a religion or doctrine, or a non-practising Catholic – and nobody can force a non-practising Catholic to, well, practise.Who we reach out to are those who alreadyContinue reading “10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Landings”

Conforming Our Lives to Jesus

Homeless Jesus has always been one of my favourite images of Jesus. I identify too much with it. Today I was privileged to receive a special blessing from Monsignor Phillip Heng at the Commissioning Mass at the Cathedral of The Good Shepherd. We start our Landings Run in April and we want to welcome backContinue reading “Conforming Our Lives to Jesus”

Partners in Accountability – A Lenten Exercise

SOME MAY KNOW it as fraternal correction, or spiritual friendship. At the heart of it all lies the same essential ingredient – love. If we are truly to be our brother’s and sister’s keepers, then it must be our Christian obligation to offer each other encouragement and affirmation as we make our collective journeys towardsContinue reading “Partners in Accountability – A Lenten Exercise”