New Traditions, New Joy


What does Advent mean to me?

Being a not-so-new Catholic meant I never had the same Christmas experience as cradle Catholic friends had. No big family traditions, no attending mass together as a family, it was generally low key and I would always attend mass alone. It wasn’t ideal but I learned to deal with it. Advent has always been a contemplative affair because I never had the big festivities to distract me.

This year though, Advent means so much more.

As a new mom, I now have to think about how I can bring the true message of Christmas to her, but without alienating my husband of a different faith. How do I begin to create new traditions when this is not something I grew up with? Mass is of course, a good way to start. And as I look forward to bringing my buddy along to her first Christmas mass, I am thankful and blessed because I know this is Godsend. I won’t ever be alone at mass, and for once, I have all the company I need, to share in the joy of Jesus and of hope.

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