Going Places: How To Be a “Traveller for God”.

I’ve been trying to discern my Christian identity and identify a role for myself within my community since my return to the faith. I look up to a number of Saints – whose lives I find an accord with – to guide my daily life and I ask for their help to pray for me.Continue reading “Going Places: How To Be a “Traveller for God”.”

The Other Word for ‘Coincidence’ that We Often Neglect

A recent misunderstanding with good friends led to some pain being felt. We all know the feeling. One moment, we’re carrying on the same way everyday; the next, some random occurrence makes us think about whether we’ve been doing something wrong the whole time. It was instinctive for me to both retreat and adopt aContinue reading “The Other Word for ‘Coincidence’ that We Often Neglect”