The Other Word for ‘Coincidence’ that We Often Neglect

A recent misunderstanding with good friends led to some pain being felt. We all know the feeling. One moment, we’re carrying on the same way everyday; the next, some random occurrence makes us think about whether we’ve been doing something wrong the whole time. It was instinctive for me to both retreat and adopt aContinue reading “The Other Word for ‘Coincidence’ that We Often Neglect”

Spiritual Affirmations – When God Speaks Through Us

Every Landings run concludes with a retreat that ends with Mass. That Mass which we celebrate always turns out to be a powerful experience. Why? After all, it’s a normal Sunday Mass celebrated like anywhere else in our universal Church. The difference is the special congregation that makes this Mass a spiritual meeting point forContinue reading “Spiritual Affirmations – When God Speaks Through Us”

Who Wants To Be Alone?

Reality shows are largely farces and engineered but there is one particular programme that had me spellbound. ALONE is an American reality show on History channel and the premise is fairly self-explanatory. A raw and grittier version of Survivor, but with a humongous twist – the competitor is left entirely to his/her own devices alone.Continue reading “Who Wants To Be Alone?”

Checking In: A Time to Give or Take?

Checking in is my favourite part of a Landings session. We always start our group sessions with a check in – it really is the only right way to begin these sessions as it helps everybody to set the right disposition to be present for each other. I love checking in, but it was notContinue reading “Checking In: A Time to Give or Take?”

Why We Ought to Look for God Moments of the Day, Everyday.

Maybe it helps to understand the search for God moments of the day as “wonderlust”. The affliction is similar to those who suffer from wanderlust. You know, that pursuit of travel and being out there to explore the world and experience more of life? Except this time, we need not physically travel too far awayContinue reading “Why We Ought to Look for God Moments of the Day, Everyday.”