A Letter to You, Our Welcomers.

Dear Welcomers, As you prepare for your new run, what do you feel? Is it excitement that keeps you anticipating the first session, or are you gripped in the fear that you’re simply not prepared for the coming 10 weeks? Are you anxious about meeting new participants? Or maybe you are ready for the raceContinue reading “A Letter to You, Our Welcomers.”

Going Places: How To Be a “Traveller for God”.

I’ve been trying to discern my Christian identity and identify a role for myself within my community since my return to the faith. I look up to a number of Saints – whose lives I find an accord with – to guide my daily life and I ask for their help to pray for me.Continue reading “Going Places: How To Be a “Traveller for God”.”

Spiritual Affirmations – When God Speaks Through Us

Every Landings run concludes with a retreat that ends with Mass. That Mass which we celebrate always turns out to be a powerful experience. Why? After all, it’s a normal Sunday Mass celebrated like anywhere else in our universal Church. The difference is the special congregation that makes this Mass a spiritual meeting point forContinue reading “Spiritual Affirmations – When God Speaks Through Us”