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“It’s really good. I like the fact that they don’t push us to come back. They respect our feelings and we have time to think before making a choice.” … more

“Returning” Catholics Share of Their Journey Back to Church (June 2013)
“she found warmth and sincerity in the Landings community through the sharing of faith stories which helped her to reconnect with the Church and with Christ. The fellowship, prayer and worship as a community encouraged her spiritual growth.”… more

Follow the Star – Come Home to the Church (December 2011) A Church ministry that reaches out to those struggling with their faith is trying to raise awareness about this group of people this Advent.The Landings ministry is urging the Catholic community to bring Christ to these people, and also inviting these people to rediscover their faith, through the distribution of special postcards.These postcards were given out to the Saturday crowd at Novena Church on Dec 3. The Church of the Holy Spirit and Blessed Sacrament Church, both of which run the Landings programme, also distributed the postcards.Landings is a 10-week parish-based programme that reaches out to Catholics who had drifted away or left the Church, but are now interested in returning and receiving the sacraments… more

Landings Invites Catholics to Come Home (December 2009) SINGAPORE – As an Advent/Christmas project, the Landings community at Church of the Holy Spirit has prepared 750 “Christmas boxes” for parishioners to pass on to Catholics they know who are away from Church.Inside each box is a card that introduces Landings as a ministry that welcomes inactive Catholics back to Church, a tealight candle with a sticker around it that reads, “Relight the Fire”, and an invitation to “Take a break from the world this holidays. Come home for Christmas.”… more

Two Brothers Came Home (June 2009)
Anthony Choo and his brother Paul stayed away from the Church for 20 years. Things changed when Anthony’s wife had difficulty giving birth to their son Gaius; this and the desire to have Gaius baptised led Anthony and Paul back to the Church. Anthony shares his story here. Paul shares his below. Anthony: Doing the unimaginable, praying aloud in time of crisis

FOR ALMOST 20 years I turned my back on God… more