How It Works

What is Landings?


Landings is a reconciliation ministry of the Paulist Fathers and is a 10-week programme that invites all Catholic parishes and communities to reach out to Catholics who have been away from the Church or who struggle in their relationship with God and the Church. Landings achieve this in a welcoming and non-judgmental way, through small groups and shared faith stories and exploration of Catholic themes.

Landings is for returning Catholics a reconciliation process that searches and increase the awareness of God’s hand in our lives. The Landings community of lay Catholics welcome and walk together to mutually grow in this “always-returning” journey to live out an authentic relationship with God.

The Landings programme started in 1989 in the USA and has been in Singapore since 2008.

What to expect at Landings?

Landings is simple, yet subtle in its effects.  It encourages storytelling recognising each person’s journey is special and sacred in the eyes of God. The meetings focus on sharing faith stories and reflecting on Catholic themes.

A Landings session consists of eight-ten weekly sessions (each session lasts about 2 hours) and looks like this:

  • Check-in time and opening prayer
  • Spiritual journey storytelling
  • Response to story
  • Reflection on Catholic themes (examples below)
    • Who Is God?
    • Why Follow Jesus?
    • The Holy Spirit and the Church
    • Baptism and Confirmation
    • Eucharist and Liturgy
    • Sin and Reconciliation
    • Vocation
    • Suffering, Death, and Resurrection
    • Catholic Moral Life
  • Prayer
  • Closing prayer

A retreat wraps up the conclusion of the ten sessions. Landings is available in Singapore at Church of the Holy Spirit, Cathedral of The Good Shepherd and Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Succcour.

The best way is to experience Landings and we welcome you to come and see.

IMG_6412Why Landings?

Landings is established as a safe place to heighten the sharing of our faith life-experiences and personal responses to key Catholic themes. We can expect a safe harbour to explore our faith and future within the Catholic Church. In a supportive and confidential setting, we discuss issues and share past and present doubts and difficulties. We can expect an opportunity to be reintroduced to the love of Christ in a no-pressure, open and non-judgmental environment.

What’s next after Landings?              

Landings is established as a community beyond the 10-week programme.  The desire of the community is to continue in the life-long journey to build personal, intimate encounters with Jesus, united in the mission to welcome returning sisters and brothers. We acknowledge people that have experienced Landings may continue to seek and find a safe place of like-minded Catholics to fuel the faith.  As such, the Landings community meeting weekly on Mondays at Church of the Holy Spirit / Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour or Fridays at the Cathedral of The Good Shepherd outside the scheduled Landings runs.