Faith Stories

Sometimes when we are sitting in the pews on Sundays, we may feel lukewarm about our faith, or seem lost, or even out of touch with what is going on at Mass.
How can we rediscover that spark in our faith lives, and experience the love of God, the Father?

When we have been away from the Church for so long, it is actually hard to make that initial step back.
But God is always calling to us, and waiting with open arms. He doesn’t forget about us.
And when we are ready to run towards Him, His arms are open wide.

Even when we are in the abyss of darkness and sin, God is still there… waiting for us to call to Him.

And when we see the people He sends, we may be surprised – that the very people we once thought little of, are the arms and feet of our Lord Jesus Christ, running to us, and embracing us back into the fold.