Even in the abyss, God called to me

Even when we are in the abyss of darkness and sin, God is still there… waiting for us to call to Him. And when we see the people He sends, we may be surprised – that the very people we once thought little of, are the arms and feet of our Lord Jesus Christ, runningContinue reading “Even in the abyss, God called to me”

Who is a Returning Catholic

Sometimes when we are sitting in the pews on Sundays, we may feel lukewarm about our faith, or seem lost, or even out of touch with what is going on at Mass.
How can we rediscover that spark in our faith lives, and experience the love of God, the Father?

Conforming Our Lives to Jesus

Homeless Jesus has always been one of my favourite images of Jesus. I identify too much with it. Today I was privileged to receive a special blessing from Monsignor Phillip Heng at the Commissioning Mass at the Cathedral of The Good Shepherd. We start our Landings Run in April and we want to welcome backContinue reading “Conforming Our Lives to Jesus”

Advent Teaches Us the Virtue of Patience

These rainbows to me mirror the Advent themes of Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love. The themes nicely sum up to me what Christ’s coming is all about; it gives me great comfort, and is what I can hold on to as pillars in my life.

Who am I within the Nativity scene?

When reflecting on the Nativity scene, the writer comes to appreciate Advent and Christmas with a sense of spirituality.
Meditating on the role of the Magi, we learn not just generosity, but also charity. While Mary and Joseph reminds us of obedience, sacrifice and ultimately, love.

Our mission is to bring Catholics back to Church, one at a time. Would that be you?

  Just one. Would that be you? Or someone you know? That’s what we do at Landings. Our mission is to help reconnect the ‘away’ Catholic back to Church – to bring Catholics home, one at a time. Just one. And today, that’s you. Because you, dear away Catholic, matter to us and you matter toContinue reading “Our mission is to bring Catholics back to Church, one at a time. Would that be you?”

Nine years later, Church of the Holy Spirit’s 18th run begins Monday 28/08/2017

  At Church of the Holy Spirit where Landings began nine years ago, the Opening Night to the 18th run begins on Monday 28 August 2017, 7.45pm. Register your interest or bring a friend at returning@landings.org.sg The time is now. To come and find out more about how the Church truly desires your return.