Fr Angelo, we want to praise and thank God for you. Fr Angelo, you are a very special gift to pilgrims. We have been very privileged to be in your care these last 9 days. You are the fulfilment of our daily pilgrim prayer because you personify the grace God has given us toContinue reading “GRATITUDE: FR ANGELO, MAKING STONES SPEAK”

Day 9: Make Straight the Way for Others

Our last full day in Israel! How did the time pass so quickly? If the past few days saw us walking through the steps that Jesus took, from being born on earth to the way of His cross and his death and resurrection, then today saw us focusing more on the lives of the otherContinue reading “Day 9: Make Straight the Way for Others”

Day 7: Wonder-Counsellor, God-Hero, Father-Forever, Prince of Peace

The day began incredibly early – a wake-up call at 4.30am and a departure at 5am so that we could go to Jesus’ birthplace to celebrate mass. Waking up so early honestly felt painful for me and even as we got into Bethlehem and walked to the Basilica of the Nativity, I don’t think IContinue reading “Day 7: Wonder-Counsellor, God-Hero, Father-Forever, Prince of Peace”


We started a new day this morning witnessing the sun rising over the Dead Sea. We had celebrated the joy and spirit of community by floating gleefully, arm in arm on it last evening, amusingly kept afloat by its salt content. Today we re-focus as pilgrims as by the time this sun sets, we wouldContinue reading “Day 6: EMERGING FROM OUR DESERT EXPERIENCE”

Day 5: The Living Water & the Living Body of Christ

A new day begins again! We began the day with mass outdoors at Mount Beatitudes. What made this mass particularly special was Father Angelo’s sermon where he shared his personal story of conversion. He recounted how he was out at sea and experienced such dangerous waters that he cried out to God to save himContinue reading “Day 5: The Living Water & the Living Body of Christ”

Day 4: Finding God in the Unexpected

We were blessed with the opportunity to awake to a beautiful sunrise over the Sea of Galilee again. I was led to picture perfect sunrise moments by Shirley, and I felt this was a fitting metaphor, as companions on the journey, we are leading each other to the light. The theme for today seemed to beContinue reading “Day 4: Finding God in the Unexpected”

Day 2: The pilgrimage truly begins…

Day 1 was like a warm-up, we were tired from the long flights and adjusting to Israel; perhaps we were still more like tourists rather than pilgrims. Properly rested in a bed, we awoke on Day 2 more refreshed, and more ready to continue on our pilgrimage journey. It was also a transition from theContinue reading “Day 2: The pilgrimage truly begins…”

Day 1: We are finally here!

So the first day comes and goes. After going through the 18 hour long journey from Singapore to Hong Kong and then to Tel Aviv, we finally arrived and then plunged straight into the pilgrimage. We went to the seaside town of Caesarea Maritima where we sang under the scorching heat. In the restored RomanContinue reading “Day 1: We are finally here!”

And… we are off!!!

The possibility of this trip was first raised in October 2017, almost a year ago! The fact that this pilgrimage is finally materialising and we are literally about to jet off, we have to give thanks to God. Fitting that this year is also Landings Singapore 10th anniversary, with Grace and Gratitude, we pilgrims areContinue reading “And… we are off!!!”