Landings Upcoming Run…

A new programme will begin on 15th April 2021, every Thursday 8pm to 10pm through 3rd June 2021. Participants can opt for virtual sessions on Zoom, or face-to-face sessions at Church of St Ignatius. Please register your interest at or scan the QR code. You can also email us at Registration closes onContinue reading “Landings Upcoming Run…”

Advent Teaches Us the Virtue of Patience

These rainbows to me mirror the Advent themes of Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love. The themes nicely sum up to me what Christ’s coming is all about; it gives me great comfort, and is what I can hold on to as pillars in my life.

Who am I within the Nativity scene?

When reflecting on the Nativity scene, the writer comes to appreciate Advent and Christmas with a sense of spirituality.
Meditating on the role of the Magi, we learn not just generosity, but also charity. While Mary and Joseph reminds us of obedience, sacrifice and ultimately, love.