Landings Upcoming Run…

A new programme will begin on 15th April 2021, every Thursday 8pm to 10pm through 3rd June 2021. Participants can opt for virtual sessions on Zoom, or face-to-face sessions at Church of St Ignatius. Please register your interest at or scan the QR code. You can also email us at Registration closes onContinue reading “Landings Upcoming Run…”

No Crisis, No Need for God

No crisis, no need for God. Sometimes we may be misled to think that.Indeed we are fortunate when we are able to love through our lives without huge crises and drama. We are quick to credit our smooth and at times even, very successful lives to our own ability and talent.And then, what’s next?In Matthew 16:26,Continue reading “No Crisis, No Need for God”

Even in the abyss, God called to me

Even when we are in the abyss of darkness and sin, God is still there… waiting for us to call to Him. And when we see the people He sends, we may be surprised – that the very people we once thought little of, are the arms and feet of our Lord Jesus Christ, runningContinue reading “Even in the abyss, God called to me”