Checking In: A Time to Give or Take?

Checking in is my favourite part of a Landings session. We always start our group sessions with a check in – it really is the only right way to begin these sessions as it helps everybody to set the right disposition to be present for each other. I love checking in, but it was notContinue reading “Checking In: A Time to Give or Take?”

Why My Guitar is (Almost) Perfect for Praise and Worship

The first song I played on my brand new Taylor was, “More Than Words”, the second, “Fallen Angel” and finally, “Mighty To Save”. So you can see the intended priorities I had for it. I picked up playing the guitar in my late teens, first by learning to play four chords C, Am, F, G7 onContinue reading “Why My Guitar is (Almost) Perfect for Praise and Worship”

Why We Ought to Look for God Moments of the Day, Everyday.

Maybe it helps to understand the search for God moments of the day as “wonderlust”. The affliction is similar to those who suffer from wanderlust. You know, that pursuit of travel and being out there to explore the world and experience more of life? Except this time, we need not physically travel too far awayContinue reading “Why We Ought to Look for God Moments of the Day, Everyday.”

The Landings Language of Love, or Landings #LOL

I wonder if St. Francis who famously said, “Preach the Gospel, and if necessary, use words.” would approve, that we have our own jargon at Landings that we put to great use. Like an organization with business-speak, we too have coined our own phrases. Only, we call it our language of love. You’ll hear usContinue reading “The Landings Language of Love, or Landings #LOL”