Day 4: Finding God in the Unexpected

We were blessed with the opportunity to awake to a beautiful sunrise over the Sea of Galilee again. I was led to picture perfect sunrise moments by Shirley, and I felt this was a fitting metaphor, as companions on the journey, we are leading each other to the light. The theme for today seemed to beContinue reading “Day 4: Finding God in the Unexpected”

Day 2: The pilgrimage truly begins…

Day 1 was like a warm-up, we were tired from the long flights and adjusting to Israel; perhaps we were still more like tourists rather than pilgrims. Properly rested in a bed, we awoke on Day 2 more refreshed, and more ready to continue on our pilgrimage journey. It was also a transition from theContinue reading “Day 2: The pilgrimage truly begins…”