And… we are off!!!


The possibility of this trip was first raised in October 2017, almost a year ago! The fact that this pilgrimage is finally materialising and we are literally about to jet off, we have to give thanks to God.

Fitting that this year is also Landings Singapore 10th anniversary, with Grace and Gratitude, we pilgrims are leaving our nets and following Him.

For some, it would be their second or even third trip to Holy Land. For many, this will be their very first pilgrimage. Regardless, we have each been called to go on this journey and walk the steps that Jesus took.

Let us all be present in each and every moment, be present in the NOW, and may the Word of God come alive for us during our encounters this pilgrimage.

Remember the disposition that we are pilgrims on this journey, not tourists. Wishing each of us a blessed and holy pilgrimage. Safe journeys!

“And at once they left their nets and followed him” – Mark 1:18

#LandingsHolyLandPilgrimage2018 #GraceAndGratitude #Landings10thAnniversary

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