Conforming Our Lives to Jesus


Homeless Jesus has always been one of my favourite images of Jesus. I identify too much with it.

Today I was privileged to receive a special blessing from Monsignor Phillip Heng at the Commissioning Mass at the Cathedral of The Good Shepherd.

We start our Landings Run in April and we want to welcome back Catholics who’ve left the church. Our brothers and sisters in Christ who’ve left the church, they must be so cold, hungry, and lost. In their homelessness, they must be going through so much suffering in their separation from the Church. I too have been there for a good 5 years: lost, hungry, and depressed. I suffered so much in my years of separation from the Church.

What then a timely celebration in today’s Eucharistic feast when we talked about suffering in today’s readings? Suffering is a consequence of our sin, and sin is in turn a consequence of our free will exercised when we choose to separate ourselves from God.
But not everyone who suffers has done bad, and that’s where I feel like I can’t explain fully the mystery of suffering.

The challenge of Landings then lies in welcoming back Catholics to the very place that may have hurt them deeply.

My prayer today is that my homeless sisters and brothers in Christ find their way back into the Church. Come home. Jesus is waiting for you.

I’m praying for you.

#landings #AlwaysReturning #homelessJesus


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