2018: Quite a New Year it’s Going to be for Landings

“New year, new beginnings” – something we hear often enough as we begin to navigate each new year. With equal enthusiasm for fresh starts, here are some of Landings’ plans for 2018, shared so that we may begin discerning how we will like to be involved and where we can contribute towards this mission.

The year promises to bring quite a lot of hard work, a good investment of our time and prayers, and we hope, somewhere along the year, worthy opportunities for ourselves to draw closer to God as well.

Returned! Returns in February

Just as we’ve done every year, there will be an evening of testimonies and sharing of the returning journey back to Church. This year, Returned! is targeted to be held earlier in February and as always, it is open to the public. Come listen to very real – and almost always, raw – stories of the process of rediscovering God. Those interested to please email returning@landings.org.sg

April: The Mother Church Beckons

The Landings mission will take off from the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd post-Easter this April. Plans and teams are being firmed up for those doors to open in the right spirit of welcome that Landings has always adopted.

This had unfolded through a series of events that connected beautifully together – beginning with a chance encounter with Father John-Paul Tan at Church of Our Lady Queen of Peace where OLPS Landings was giving testimony at, to fruitful discussions with Monsignor Heng at the Cathedral who believes in the mission of Landings and wishes to offer archdiocese recognition and support.

Support is definitely needed at the Cathedral to offer welcome and presence in the upcoming run(s). Those interested should email cathedral@landings.org.sg or contact coordinator Leonard Low (9818 1271) or assistant coordinator Tricia Tay (9863 1590).

June: Landings Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Yes, it has been a decade since we reached out and received our first returning Catholics. This year, we celebrate this anniversary with the theme of “Grace and Gratitude” in acknowledgement of how we should remain faithful to our God who provides.

Thanksgiving Mass will be celebrated by Landings Spiritual Director Father Andrew Wong at Church of St. Anthony on Vesak Day Tuesday 29 May, 10.30am with lunch to follow; more celebratory dinner to be held on Saturday 2 June, 7-10pm, with venue to be confirmed.

We invite you to join these celebrations with family and friends. It is also the perfect time to introduce Landings to those around us and to offer it as a way to reconnect with the Church to those we know who are ‘away’ – you never know when’s the right time to have that much-needed conversation and to offer what can potentially turn out to be a lifeline!

Taking Off!

Two Landings trips have been planned for this year: a pilgrimage to Holy Land and a recreational one to Surabaya.

32 pilgrims will depart to the Holy Land from 21 September to 2 October, on what will be the third Landings pilgrimage to the Holy Land since 2013. As has been the practice, pilgrims will carry our prayer intercessions, thanksgivings and other intentions along with them. Registration for the Holy Land pilgrimage is closed, but prayers are always welcome.

The second community bonding and social trip will happen this year as well, organised specially in celebration of Landings 10th anniversary to Surabaya. 19 members have been confirmed for this trip and registration is now officially closed!

Back at Landings-established Holy Spirit and OLPS Parishes

Exciting new plans aside, runs will continue at the two Landings-established parishes. It is likely these runs will begin in August unless returnees begin calling earlier.

Meanwhile, community sessions continue every Monday. Expect more indepth training, deeper formation, and even some studying on top of sharing and prayer. We look forward to journey together as one community around the person of Christ and to share in His Spirit, toward mature discipleship.

Father Ronald Rolheiser writes in “Sacred Fire: A Vision for a Deeper Human and Christian Maturity”: “One of the major trials within mature discipleship is that of fidelity, of remaining steadfast and loving within our commitments over the long haul, after our initial emotional fervour has waned and some disillusionment has set in. The challenge then will be to act out of value rather than out of feeling and to act out of trust rather than out of understanding.”

Let us begin the new year keeping in view the goal of striving towards mature discipleship then and may we all continue to persevere where we struggle, give thanks for what we take for granted and be present for one another as Christ has been for us.

Those who feel a stirring to join us at Landings should contact returning@landings.org.sg and for those of us already with Landings, see you on Monday, same time, same place, come rain or shine!

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