Why We Ought to Look for God Moments of the Day, Everyday.

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Maybe it helps to understand the search for God moments of the day as “wonderlust”. The affliction is similar to those who suffer from wanderlust. You know, that pursuit of travel and being out there to explore the world and experience more of life?

Except this time, we need not physically travel too far away to satiate our desire for this experience.

The adventure’s still right there alright, because looking out for God moments of the day is hard work and the experience itself can vary in intensity.

It’s not like there’s a clear path to follow. Sometimes, we expect to arrive at our God moments and somehow, don’t. Sometimes, they come in ways we’re not ready for. They’re not always comfortable or exciting. Almost always, they come with some measure of heartaches, and plenty of gratitude we may not be prepared to receive.

(Yes, those do happen when we pay keener attention to how much love we’ve not noticed around us before, or realise with heartbreaking tenderness that we have never truly been alone before.)

The truth is, God moments come in all forms.

Somedays, my God moments are grand experiences of God’s omnipotent nearness. Like when I’m defeated by my own cares and concerns but suddenly come face to face with just the right mix of encouragement and empowerment I need. You know, those occasions when we see that rainbow in the sky just when we needed to witness hope.

Somedays, my God moments are really simple affairs. Like being able to be still and tap into my inner thoughts and heartbeats. Entering a chapel distracted and coming out with focus, without even trying too hard to connect with God.

My favourite God moments are those complete out-of-body experiences: watching my kids running to me laughing, “Mummy! Mummy!”. Or suddenly finding time slow down so I can take in a moment that will not pass by again.

Many days, my God moment is not being able to spot a God Moment of the Day. Those are the days I know with startling clarity that I’m purposefully neglecting God and willfully ignoring His presence. They’re God moments nonetheless, because I feel Him persistently there, though I’m trying to chase Him away.

The thing is, we’re likely to notice a God moment when we look just a little bit more closely at any one part of our day. The adventure lies in the looking.

Sometimes, I think one more hour is all I need, really. To complete the tasks on my To-Do list, to fulfil at least 90% of my roles, to save the world and be the champion Catholic who finds my God moments of the day faithfully. Because otherwise, looking out for God moments just seems like another task on that To-Do list.

But of course, it’s not.

Because these moments are found through our duties, our thoughts and the way our hearts beat. They’re found through friends and chance meetings. In the daily episodes of our lives. And especially in our cherished roles in life.

So the answer is simple really. We ought to look for our God moments of the day, everyday, because they are there. Whether we notice or neglect, welcome or reject, seek out or shudder at… they are there.

We work so hard to make a meaningful life out of our days. Imagine the possibilities when we embrace the wonder behind it and the magnificent Creator who gets in our way just to say, “Hello, I am here.”

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