The Landings Language of Love, or Landings #LOL

LOL pic

I wonder if St. Francis who famously said, “Preach the Gospel, and if necessary, use words.” would approve, that we have our own jargon at Landings that we put to great use.

Like an organization with business-speak, we too have coined our own phrases.

Only, we call it our language of love.

You’ll hear us say things like: “Check in”, “Affirmation”, “God Moments”, and our very own “Always Returning”.

When you hear us talking this strange way, don’t think us a part of a hippie-cult group. We’re not.

We’re also seldom clever, creative or original. But we’re faithful.

If anything, our language of love evolved from the principles we adopt to fulfill our mission of welcoming the returning Catholic. And we’re constantly striving to put into practice what we believe in. Walk the talk, you know?

Great care is taken to ensure our language expresses the heart of the Good Shepherd, and shapes our relationships with each other with love and friendship.

After all, we’re our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers and on that point, we’ll like to share our language of love. Adopt your favourite and if you like, take it out into the world with you. We could all be the one preaching the Gospel, not just with action or words, but with the click of a ‘Share’ and a ‘Like’.

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