tony“Eight years ago, I was at Old St. Mary’s Cathedral in San Francisco and chanced upon a Landings brochure. Immediately I was amazed at how something so obviously needed was missing in Singapore.

So I brought it here.

I understand the Landings mission because I had been away from Church before – when the world was for my taking. I didn’t realise that I kept God in His place – there only when I need Him, which was hardly.

It was 15 years later that I felt an indescribable tug in my heart to make meaning of my life. Maybe it was mid-life crisis. Maybe God’s hand was in it the whole way. I started to serve in Church.

Since then, I haven’t stopped and I’ve walked the most difficult journey of my life from my head to my heart. I’ve found gratitude helps me experience God better than through head knowledge or to wait for a suffering to occur.

I’ve learnt through many moments of encountering God that every event in life – the best and worst – links to form a path towards a relationship with God.

Until the day this life ends and I finally understand the clues to the treasure, I will be an ‘always returning’ Catholic. Because for me, Landings has never been about returning to the pews but re-encountering God and claiming the faith. And it is this constant return to God that will bring us back to the pews. For me, I will always be pursuing a deeper relationship with God and loving Him more by serving in this mission.”

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