therese“When my friend first talked to me about joining Landings, I said no. It didn’t fit into my work schedule. A part of me missed the Latin Mass that I used to attend but I didn’t enjoy planning my weekends around Mass.
But God had started calling.
Eventually, I left my job to backpack. On a trip to India, I was led to visit many ancient Catholic relics and churches. Suddenly, I felt I needed to make a confession – that was the first time I strongly heard God’s call to return to Church.

The final call? I collapsed at the airport in a foreign land with deep vein thrombosis, which led to a blood clot travelling to my lungs. The doctor said to me: 30-40% of people with this condition die on the spot. ‘This is your second life’. I heard God again.

I returned to Singapore… just in time for a new Landings run. So I answered God’s call.
That first evening, I almost turned back at the church’s gate. It took all my will power to get to this room. Then Landings took over. The community was very welcoming – there was no judgement like I had feared. It was comforting to know everyone understood where I was before.

Like many others, I’m ‘always returning’; always in periods of faith and self doubt like a piece of debris bobbing in the big ocean. But then I look up and see the guiding stars. And I see my God who has been with me all along.”

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