M. Woo

mwoo“I came to Landings shortly before I graduated and was to leave the Catholic Students’ Society.

The attraction for this ministry’s mission came later. What first drew me in was what I got from the people in the community. Sincerity stood out. Every week I was approached with friendship and love, and I realised this community was genuine in wanting to get to know me.

In the last five years with Landings, I think I’ve grown. 
I used to get caught up in friendships and relationships, and sometimes lose sight of God but the Landings community has grounded me to remember that ultimately all these blessings come from God.

Life experiences as an adult has also shown me how easy it is to be pulled away from God… and that’s helped me understand the mission a lot more personally and deeply.

I play the keyboard in the music ministry and no matter how many mistakes I made, I was never made to feel like I wasn’t good enough. The affirmations I got gave me the confidence to keep trying, and that spilled into my life as well. That’s the thing about the Landings community – it keeps you going in the right direction. I’ve found the community I want to belong to… the one that helps me see my God moments more clearly through the ups and downs of it all.”

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