herman“Seven years ago, I met my girlfriend who brought me to the Catholic Church. Two years ago, I got baptized but all along, I had never fully believed in God. I found no answers in what I had difficulty believing in.
My priorities were: money, career and personal time.
I worked really hard for them and they defined my happiness. On hindsight, it was clear I became a different person while chasing these goals – angrier and more impatient. But I didn’t realise it until I felt so empty spiritually and emotionally even after gaining what I wanted.

For the first time in a long while, I knew I truly needed God. I chanced upon Landings, and signed up.

I was quite excited because Landings sounded like what I was looking for, but really, I had very little expectations. I had already been searching for answers for such a long time and found nothing – I was quite certain that Landings wouldn’t resolve my doubts either.
I was probably right! But I learnt to stop questioning God and to build a relationship with Him. I wasn’t journeying alone anymore because the people at Landings understood my doubts and fears. It became clear to me God had carefully executed His beautiful plan for my life.

Many times, I’m still uncertain about my faith but it helps to reconnect with God through the community. Today, I can’t imagine my life without my fiancée who brought me to the Church, and the God I’ve come to know.”

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