gregI left the Church when I started work. That was a stressful time and it was easy to choose enjoying my weekends over keeping a relationship with a God I didn’t connect with. 10 years went by, with just an occasional Christmas Mass attendance from me.

But the next time I really prayed, God responded and He granted me a new job and a wife who was a daughter of a Presbyterian pastor. She encouraged me to return to the Catholic faith through the promptings of my mother who has always prayed for us. I did return and a series of faith experiences led to my wife’s conversion, and to the birth of our son. We were so happy.

One year later, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and a year after that, my wife passed away. I felt like God had robbed me of my happiness.

But I stayed connected to God and my journey of love and atonement continued. Eventually, I was led to my second wife and it was she who suggested that I come for Landings.

At Landings, I feel God through the sharing of our lives. It’s no longer just a concept in my head. I meet real people with real lives and real problems, who are also searching for and more importantly, encountering Him. And finally after my encounters of loss, I found my God again.

I would’ve been happy just being a Sunday Catholic but Landings has showed me that I  don’t want to just keep the love I’ve received from God. I want it to flow into others’ lives like the way it flowed into mine through life events and second chances.

This is my story.”

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