edris“One Sunday, I told my mum – the person I respect the most in my life and whom I always listen to: “This is the last Sunday I’m coming to Church with you.” Even though I attended Mass, Jesus wasn’t in my life and I couldn’t be less bothered by that. I was working like a dog then, had a lot of money but no time to spend it and no life at all. I remember only misery in that period of time.

Then at that Mass, Father Jude announced that there was an upcoming retreat for young people, which Mum convinced me to attend – and I ended up never leaving the Church.

I came to Landings in 2012 because Mum asked me to. Then I saw all the ideals that we discuss in our young adult community, being fleshed out. People were selfless in giving and serve with no questions asked. Finally, the faith started to make a bit of sense. The people at Landings taught me to see Christ in my family, friends and the unlikeliest of people – those who are mean to me. Now, I’ve learnt gratefulness and this gratitude wouldn’t have been so apparent in my life if Landings had not awakened my faith.

At last, 11 years after I got baptized, I was converted.”

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