augustine“I didn’t feel guilty at all when I eventually left the Church and stayed out for 10 years, because I really didn’t have any sense of God existing at all. To me, the whole faith thing was a fairytale people tell themselves to feel better. I accept that bad things happen – that’s life. I had the whole ethos of Catholic acceptance, just without the God factor.

Then I met my girlfriend – now my wife – who was weirdly passionate about Church and God. I figured I needed to get involved. I met her friends in ministry – all these people who invest so much of their time into something they believe so strongly in. That moved me.
There was nothing I expected Landings to do for me because I had no desire to connect with the God I didn’t believe in. It took three runs for me to realise I’m with a bunch of good people with very strong faith. One night, they asked me to join in the music sessions. I picked up the guitar again and the togetherness, the P&W hymns … all that clicked: ‘There’s something at work here.’ It was like God finally put things in perspective for me. Eight years later, I’m seeking God moments.

Now I acknowledge God’s presence. I attribute to Him all the good mysteries that have happened in my life – like how I ended up with a great wife and two lovely children. This acknowledgement is important to me because it finally helped cement my belief in God.”

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