jon“I was in a youth group once, a really nice one I enjoyed serving at. But we didn’t have a common mission. After that, I decided community is
for those who need something to anchor their faith on – me, I’m already grounded in God. Then my girlfriend and I broke up, and the community I ‘didn’t need’, was what sustained me in my despair.
Instead of calling my friends to say, “We just broke up”, I was appealing, “Can you be the keyboardist tomorrow?” I had lost my girlfriend who was also the main keyboardist in the music ministry I lead at Landings. Heartbroken as I was, I had a responsibility to fulfill.

And this is the unique thing about Landings – we’re both ministry and community. Many people lose their function when they leave a ministry. Communities gather for fellowship and prayer but without a mission. Landings is both ministry and community where everyone has a responsibility to bring something to the family table. 

I used to hope that hundreds will come through our doors, like at RCIA. The first time you fall in love with God is awesome, but Landings is trying to reignite love in a broken relationship – difficult, but not impossible. So we open our doors; we won’t get hundreds but we’ll go look for them. Winning every soul back for God is our mission. It’s worth it – for the people we meet, andfor the people we become. I’m one of them and I testify to that eight years on.”

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