daniel“When I finally let God go, it was liberating. I didn’t have to answer to anyone and kept no commandments but mine.
For 20 years, nothing changed until this Lent when I accompanied my ageing mother to a few Masses. Maybe it was the Lenten atmosphere of reflection; I started to relook the faith and Church – with a more mature and curious disposition this time. I was shocked to also realise I was yearning for Communion but I wanted to make a Confession first. I was in extreme sorrow. I knew I wanted back in, but didn’t know how.

After Easter Mass, my mother introduced me to the one priest whose homilies had most resonated with me. There and then, he offered to hear my confession. I just ‘went along’. That evening Mass, I finally received the Eucharist again. That same day, Landings called me.
My concerns about Landings? How will I hang out with ‘hardcore Christians’ when I barely know how to be one? Will my St. Augustine-esque past shock their Christian sensibilities?
But of course, the people at Landings understand woundedness and the struggles of walking the Christian path.

I used to read about the Church to justify why there’s no need for religion; now I read to build up God’s kingdom. I’ve learnt to anchor myself in God so I don’t lose my way with Him again. And I give thanks for all the God moments I now notice in my everyday. 

I had taken just one step towards God, and I haven’t stopped since.”

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